Hotchkiss Students

Dining Hall


Portals Lunch: Ham and Swiss on Rye

Ham and Swiss on Rye with Honey Mustard

Tomato Bruschetta on Italian Loaf Garlic Toast

Roasted Beets, Edemoame and Arugala Salad

Corn and Bell Peppers


Kale Sausage and Bean Soup

Salad Bar

Deli Bar

Organic Jasmine Rice 



Beef Bolognese 

 Lentil Bolognese 

Roasted Asparagus 




Kale, Sausage and Bean Soup 


Salad & Deli Bar


Organic Jasmine Rice 



Portals Breakfast Subscribe to Alerts

Organic Oatmeal  with Assorted Toppings 

Assorted Cereals

Local Ronnybrook Milk 

Feather Ridge Farm Local Free-Range Eggs 

Hard-Cooked Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast Potatoes

French Toast sticks

Assorted Bagels 

Local Cream Cheese 

Local Butter 

Organic Jams & Jellies 

Assorted Fresh Fruit 

Local Ronnybrook Yogurt 

Assorted Continental Baked Goods 


allergen-friendly options available