General FAQs

Does the Health Center contact parents when students come in?

The Health Center makes every effort to keep parents apprised of their child's health and well-being. In general, we consider it the responsibility of the student to inform parents concerning minor injuries or illnesses. However, parents are notified by the Health Services staff of significant illnesses and injuries, especially when anticipated treatment is prolonged or complex. In the case of emergencies and hospitalizations, parents are contacted as soon as possible.

What happens if a student is sick and cannot attend classes?

Please review Student Health chapter of the Almanac for official regulations and policies.

Students too ill to attend classes during the school day will remain in the Health Center for rest, observation, or treatment. Medical and sports excuses are only given for classes or sports missed due to significant illness or injury. Retroactive medical excuses are not given. Occasionally, following an examination and determination by the medical director, director of nursing, or assistant director of nursing, a student may be discharged to his or her dormitory room for the day. When a student is discharged, the Health Center will notify the Deans’ Wing and the dormitory faculty.

When a student is admitted to stay overnight in the Health Center, the dormitory faculty, Deans’ Wing, and parents are notified. Parents are not routinely contacted concerning their child’s non–urgent medical care and treatment, but should feel free to be in touch with the Health Center if they have any questions or need further information. If a day student is sick at home, a parent must call the Health Center at 860-435-3226.

Does the Health Center charge for services?

Routine outpatient services provided by the nursing staff and the school doctor are included in the health and medical fee of the School’s tuition.

What if a student needs to see a specialist?

Students occasionally may need to be referred to specialists in the local area. Every effort is made to provide transportation to and from doctor’s offices by the school at no charge.

Is there a policy regarding prescription medications?

The school requires parents to notify the Health Services staff of all prescription medication their child is currently taking. All state and federally controlled medications (i.e., stimulants, narcotics, antidepressants) must be in original pharmacy packaging to be dispensed by the Health Center. Some medications may be distributed on a weekly basis or, with approval, kept in the student's room.

How does a student see a psychiatrist?

Psychiatric consultation is available to students who request medication evaluations and diagnostic consultations. Usually, students who are prescribed medication are also seen for psychotherapy in the counseling department. Appointments with the consulting psychiatrist, Jack Miller, M.D., can be made through the Health Center.

Please note that fees for psychiatric services are not included in the health and medical fee of the School’s tuition. Parents must make separate arrangements for payment.

How do I make an appointment with a counselor?

Students can make an appointment with one of our counselors by contacting Jodi von Jess, LCSW, at 860-435-3659.

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