Campus Safety & Security

Welcome to Campus Safety & Security

The Campus Safety and Security department works with all members of our community to ensure that our campus is a safe environment. The office coordinates the School's emergency response and safety protocols, which includes managing alarm and door access systems. Safety and Security answers calls coming into the School's switchboard, and coordinates with the local first responders such as fire and police departments, ambulance services, and the 911 responders.

Campus Safety & Security

In a medical emergency, dial 911.

Campus Safety and Security is a 24-hour, 7-day per week, 365-day operation.

Dial "0" to reach the switchboard from a campus line.

From a non-campus line, call (860) 435-2591

Services Include

  • Electronic door lock access and scheduling
  • Campus keys/fobs
  • Room locks and door opening
  • Vehicle locks
  • Vehicle jump-start
  • Student transports
  • Event parking and security
  • Wildlife assistance and animal control
  • Vehicle scheduling for School activities
  • Contractor, visitor, and delivery check-in
  • Campus inspections

  • On-campus locksmith