Understanding the Issues of Racial Injustice

As an inclusive learning community, Hotchkiss will intensify its focus on engaging in and understanding the issues of racial injustice in order to drive meaningful change on campus and in the world. We welcome all in our community to be participants -- students, faculty and staff, parents, and alumni -- and invite you to join us. 

  • For students, over the summer, we will provide an optional curriculum with which you may engage if you choose. This will include structured learning opportunities, time for guided introspection, and conversation with your teachers and your peers. 
  • For faculty and staff, we will continue to engage in dialogue and self-examination. We will develop training to enable the creation of a safer, more secure, and more supportive environment for all of the young people in our care. 
  • For alumni and parents, we are excited to welcome you into this process as well. We are currently designing a program that we anticipate will include forums for learning from and with alumni and parents who have expertise and learning resources to share. We will provide more information and specific details over the coming weeks.  

Please use the form below to share your particular expertise in a related field or suggest topics of discussion. Your input will help guide the work that lies ahead.